Parents planning surprise for their 6-year-old-son with cancer

They need your help to surprise their son on his 7th birthday.
Parents planning surprise for their 6-year-old-son with cancer
Published: Mar. 18, 2023 at 5:52 PM EDT
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CAMPTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Levi McKee is 6-years-old. Last year, he was diagnosed with brain cancer after doctors found a large mass on the back of his brain and around his brain stem.

“Two days later, he was taken away for his eight hour surgery, and it lasted about 10.5. Amazingly, he was up on his feet three days after that, working with therapy, doing everything he could do to get strong again,” said Levi’s mother, Danielle McKee.

Since then, he has had six weeks of radiation therapy in Cincinnati and five rounds and counting of chemotherapy at UK.

“He’s done amazing though as far as getting through it,” said Levi’s father, Kevin McKee.

“He has approached everything with joy. The people in the radiation department loved to see him coming because he would wear different costumes every day. One day, Spiderman would show up and one day it would be something scary like The Rake,” said Danielle McKee.

Those costumes came in handy during his prank war with the nurses.

“They got him and he got them, it was amazing,” said Kevin McKee. “Yeah, one, I had the rake costume on and tapped on the window and she look there and she freaked to death,” said Levi McKee.

He’s spent a lot of time in the hospital receiving treatment, hanging out with his favorite canine counselors and he even lost his first tooth there. Now, Levi is getting ready to turn seven on March 31. He’ll be celebrating his birthday at Kentucky Children’s Hospital so his parents are working on a special surprise.

“One of his favorite things in the world is getting mail, checking the mailbox, those kids of things, so we wanted to ask anybody that will to try and pickup a card and put it in the mail for him for his birthday,” said Danielle McKee.

Levi’s parents will collect the cards over the next few weeks and let Levi open them all in the hospital on his birthday.

Cards can be sent to the following address:

Levi McKee

13 Lairson Rd

Campton, KY 41301