Good Question: Who should you contact to get utility wires in your yard cleaned up?

Good Question: Who should you contact to get utility wires in your yard cleaned up?
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 2:07 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A viewer reached out about some utility work being done in her backyard, and that led to today’s Good Question.

For today’s Good Question, Kay says, We have a utility easement across our back yard which includes a pole. With the new internet providers adding lines, our backyard has been busy. This would be fine but they have left loose wires hanging from the pole, draped across our back fence and others laying exposed on the ground. Who do I contact to get the utility wires cleaned up?

Kay told us she has to keep her grandchildren away from that part of her backyard right now.

Linda Bridwell, with the Kentucky Public Service Commission, told me they don’t regulate phone or internet utilities, but there are some steps Kay could take.

In Fayette County, you could call 311 and the engineering division may be able to help.

The second option, which should work in Fayette County or anywhere else in the state, is to contact your electric provider.

Bridwell told us one utility will own the poles, and basically, everyone else rents space to attach their wires. So, even if the pole doesn’t belong to the electric provider, they should know who owns it and perhaps who is doing work on it.

The owner of the pole will be the best to help with cleaning it up. As a safety issue, the electric provider will probably not want wires on the ground, even if it is a different service.

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