Kentucky man frustrated as repeated storms compound damage to his home

Kentucky man frustrated as repeated storms compound damage to his home
Published: Apr. 6, 2023 at 12:04 PM EDT
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A Winchester man is feeling some frustration after Wednesday’s storms added to his repair list from other recent storms.

Ronnie Goodman lives in Memorial Park and says his apartment building was originally damaged in March’s historic wind storm.

“March 3, when the first storm hit, it tore shingles off all the way down to the felt paper,” said Goodman.

He says maintenance crews then came by a couple of days later to put plastic over the roof, but the next storm blew it off.

Then, Wednesday afternoon, Goodman says high winds opened up a hole in the roof right above his bedroom, more than a month after it was first exposed.

“When can it be corrected to where you’re not worrying if your bedroom ceiling is gonna fall in on your head while you’re asleep?” Goodman said.

Shingles remain scattered across the property, which is managed by the federally-funded Housing Authority of Winchester.

They say they were waiting for insurance adjusters to investigate before fully fixing the issue. However, Goodman feels it’s been too long and with more rain falling on his roof Thursday, he worries about what could still come.

“My bedroom ceiling caving in because it has nothing protecting it from the water getting to it,” Goodman said. “It should not have took this long to fix a problem. That with a good crew, you could do in a day or less.”

The housing authority claims they never got complaints from anyone living there. They now plan on sending out a crew to try and give Goodman a temporary solution.