Mayor Gorton introduces new intelligence system in budget address

Mayor Linda Gorton delivered her budget address Tuesday afternoon.
Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 6:13 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton laid out her budget plans for the next fiscal year.

The plan includes key investments in new public safety measures.

The police department is set to roll out a video-based intelligence software that would give investigators real-time data and information when they are called to scenes.

The city is looking to enlist the community to be part of this program.

“We are well aware we need to continue to take a broader approach to keep our city safe,” said Mayor Gorton.

That approach comes by introducing FUSUS. It’s a real-time video-based intelligence software cities use when investigating crimes by using cameras already available, such as traffic cams.

“Technology reinforces police resources, strengthens cases, and saves time,” said Mayor Gorton.

Cities like Atlanta use this database and credit them for their 100% success rate in solving homicides.

The system would use a combination of traffic cameras in the city, FLOCK cameras, and the voluntary inclusion of businesses and homeowners. This would help police investigate crimes, such as shootings or robberies, and give police better ideas of suspects, descriptions, and which way suspects went.

“Many of our businesses, particularly downtown, are very interested in this system because they can choose which of their cameras to tie into it. Particularly if they are outward-facing cameras,” said Mayor Gorton.

Citizens who register their cameras can choose the level of access police have.

“It is an investigative tool and a resource we can use to streamline emergency response and incident management,” said Mayor Gorton.

Some other key points from Mayor Gorton’s budget include funds for affordable housing. She included $2 million on top of the more than $13 million from the American Rescue Plan funds for affordable housing.

She’s also funding a an assistant manager position in the affordable housing office.

$6 million is proposed to be dedicated towards the next steps to make decisions for a new city hall.

A 5% raise for non-sworn in employees.

As well as funds to continue to improve parks across the city.