Kentucky group’s name is their call to action

Kentucky group’s name is their call to action
Published: Apr. 19, 2023 at 3:27 PM EDT
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SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - A group of people in Somerset have formed a group to address a problem they say is very real but oftentimes not seen or realized by many.

The group’s name is also their call to action - Help The Homeless.

They are planning several events and ways to help a group of people who don’t just feel homeless, and many are helpless.

They may not be around or easy to see in open spaces, but people tell us there are hundreds of homeless in Somerset, living just about anywhere you can imagine except in a home.

There are people living very hard lives across Pulaski County, some of them overdosing on drugs or simply not having any purpose or place to go.

Jessica Lee Luster and others have formed the group and one of their first actions was to buy a mobile shower facility then shuttle people to nearby shelters.

She says there’s camps in the city and in the woods and this problem impacts adults all the way to young children.

“They live in between buildings, in dumpsters. We have some in cars. Last week, we got a call of a 7-year-old living in a car. We have had 18-year-olds living in cars. We have helped all ages in terrible situations,” said Lee Luster.

One of the first events will take place on April 28. Then, every Friday after that, a Friday Feast at the Pulaski County judicial plaza.

There is also a Pulaski County homelessness conference set for March 2024 to discuss the issues.