Monticello police officer badly injured in motorcycle crash making improvements

Monticello police officer badly injured in motorcycle crash making improvements
Published: May. 4, 2023 at 3:36 PM EDT
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WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A southern Kentucky police officer continues to make improvements after a serious motorcycle crash.

Monticello Officer Jeramy Thompson is in much better shape than he was three weeks ago following a very violent crash in London. A crash that people had told him he was very lucky to have survived and not been more seriously injured when his motorcycle collided with an SUV.

Thompson is being treated closer to home after spending more than a week in a Lexington hospital, a good chunk of that time in the ICU.

He suffered numerous broken bones and some internal injuries when police say an SUV pulled in front of him when he was leaving police training in London on April 13.

It’s often said people who survive violent or traumatic events only remember them as a blur.

“I don’t remember anything about the crash. Nothing. My brain tells me it didn’t happen,” Thompson said.

Thompson says in his mind he made it home that night.

“To be told I was in an accident it kind of floored me,” Thompson said. “I constantly watch and observe everything.”

Thompson says he has no ill will toward the other driver.

“Accidents happen,” Thompson said. “She didn’t see me. I hope she is doing well.”

The crash destroyed Thompson’s motorcycle, and he was airlifted with numerous injuries including broken bones, cuts and scrapes. It also took his two front teeth affecting how he talks, but it didn’t take his sense of humor.

“When I went to UK the other day, my wife was asking me about surgery to replace my front teeth. And I told them I can’t wait until Christmas,” said Thompson. “A few laughed. They didn’t get it.”

Since the crash, there have been multiple fundraisers to help him and his family.

“I was told they did a hamburger/hot dog cookout, and they sold out. I can’t say enough about Wayne County,” Thompson said.

Thompson had several surgeries. He feels like he has been put back together.

“In fact, one of my friends said he is going to start calling me Humpty Dumpty,” said Thompson.

Thompson says he’s not sure when he will be able to go home but says he has been told it could be five months to a year before he can return to work.