InvestigateTV - Season 2; Episode 18

A look at unexpected vehicle dangers, such as the spontaneous combustion of some electric vehicles, and design flaws in many cars leaving drivers in the dark.
Published: May. 7, 2023 at 3:36 PM EDT
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InvestigateTV - This Week on InvestigateTV: Some electric vehicles spontaneously bursting into flame. Joce Sterman learns tens of thousands of cars are already under recall, and repairs can take over a year. Plus, a rise in cars driving after dark with no taillights. They’re practically invisible, causing deadly crashes. Brendan Keefe explains. WHERE TO WATCH ICYMI – Watch last week’s episode.

Ignition: According to a ChildCare Aware study, in 2021 the national average price of child care in the U.S. was more than $10,000 annually. Availability has also become an issue post-pandemic as childcare providers struggle to meet staffing needs. These factors both play a role when it comes to parents choosing the best option for their kids, with some turning to in-home daycares to fill in the gap. However, some home daycares are unlicensed with little or no regulation. Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa speaks with one family who unknowingly ended up at an unlicensed daycare and whose child suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns after touching an oven door. DePompa examines how licensing regulations vary state-to-state, what’s being done to strengthen those rules and gets expert advice on how you can choose the best childcare for your family.

EV Tax Breaks: The Biden administration is offering incentives to get more eco-friendly cars on the road. A recent Gallup poll shows only 4 percent of Americans currently own an electric vehicle, but more than 40 percent said they’d consider buying one in the future. The Inflation Reduction Act expands tax credits for some EVs, but it’s a confusing process. Susan Campbell breaks it down.

Lights Out: There’s a sudden increase in ‘phantom’ cars driving after dark with no taillights. It’s a huge danger because those cars are practically invisible, resulting in rear-end crashes. But why is this happening now?

Watching Your Wallet – Auto Fees: Junk fees, false advertising, discriminatory pricing – all targets of a new crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission against bad actors in the auto sales industry. Consumer Investigator Caresse Jackman speaks with the FTC about proposed new rules to eliminate these practices and gets advice on how you can protect yourself.

Watching Your Wallet – Unclaimed Property: Free money without a catch, and for some, just a few clicks away. In this Watching Your Wallet, Consumer Investigator Rachel DePompa has some ways you can find out if any of the millions of dollars in unclaimed cash sitting in bank accounts across the country is yours.