CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Masked suspect seen taking bulldogs, putting them in pillowcase

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Published: May. 19, 2023 at 12:13 PM EDT
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KERSHAW COUNTY, S.C. (WIS/Gray News) - A man was arrested after being caught on camera stealing dogs from another man’s home.

Tyrek Broughton says the surveillance video was taken from security cameras in his house.

The video shows a masked man grabbing one dog from a cage by its neck and stuffing it into a pillowcase. It then shows him going to another cell, taking another dog, and then leaving.

Broughton, the owner, said the dogs are worth $13,000.

Broughton says the masked thief used this shovel to break through this window and enter his home to steal his French bulldogs.

The incident happened last month, but ever since then, Broughton says not even his 4-year-old daughter wants to come back to the home.

“My baby is petrified,” said Broughton, “Every time I see her she’s like, ‘Hey daddy, did the bandits get arrested?’”

Broughton says he came home on April 14 to find his window busted out and his home security system told all.

“At 1:30 it showed a white Dodge Ram scoping my house to see if anybody was home. They dropped Phillp Compo off on the front road. He approached the fence line of the house and he tried to go through the front door, and he saw the front door was locked,” Broughton said.

That’s when the bandit took out the window in Broughton’s room. The video shows the burglar climbing in, then entering the living room to take the pups.

Broughton says, “He took my dogs and put one of them in the pillowcase and they were fighting trying to get away and then he took the other one. As he tried to get out the door, one of my Frenchies got out of the pillowcase and then he grabbed it and shoved him back in the pillowcase.”

Philip Compo was arrested and charged for stealing the dogs, but Broughton says two accomplices who were seen in a white truck dropping Compo off and picking him up are still at large.

“Kershaw County is not doing anything,” said Broughton.

“Well, the person, the only person that broke into his house was arrested,” said Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan. “I mean, if we can identify who drove him to the scene or drove him from the scene or had anything to do with this, we are willing to charge them but the information we have right now is kind of iffy.”

Boan said Broughton told investigators that the alleged perpetrators confessed to him, but so far no one has come forward.

Broughton said one of the accomplices made a post on Facebook bragging about selling the dogs for $10,000, and he’s still searching for his missing dogs.

No other items were stolen from Broughton’s home.

Boan says a search warrant was obtained for Compo’s house in Richland County, and no dogs were found.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the dogs is urged to call the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.