Governor Beshear’s Re-election campaign stops in Lexington

Governor Beshear kicks off re-election campaign
Published: May. 20, 2023 at 5:41 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -The bus tour for Governor Beshear’s re-election campaign continued today.

Governor Andy Beshear is travelling across the commonwealth to kick off his general election campaign after securing the Democratic nomination with over 90% of the vote Tuesday night.

“I support beshear because he gets it,” said col. Pamela Sevenson, Democratic Nominee for Attorney General.

West 6th Brewery in Lexington gave a warm welcome to Kentucky’s sitting governor.

This is day 2 of Governor Andy Beshear’s tour across the commonwealth, but it doesn’t stop today. He shared that he plans on making 15 stops total to reach the entire state.”

In his address to the public, Beshear congratulated the state on what he says has been a successful 4 years under his leadership.

“We have the largest rainy day fund in our history which led to the first bond rating upgrade in 13 years which means the pensions of every teacher, police officer, fire fighter, social worker, are safer than they’ve been in decades!” said the governor.

He ensured the group that with him in office again, the Commonwealth would continue to progress for the people.

“We’ve got plenty of money to give public educators the big raise they deserve,” he said.

Beshear was backed by Lieutenant Governor Jacquelin Coleman and his parents in hopes to ensure a stronger Kentucky.

As well as the rest of the brewery, packed from wall to wall with support from all ages.

“I’m just so thankful for everything Andy has done for my division, and really improved the quality of life for me,” said a supporter.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released a statement:

“Joe Biden and Andy Beshear both campaigned as moderates but they’ve catered to the whims of the far-left wing of the Democrat Party,” RPK spokesman Sean Southard said. “Fewer people are working today than the day he took office. Crime is up across Kentucky and he’s just sat on his hands. Our students still haven’t recovered from his school shutdowns. He’s even botched the response to tornadoes in the west and floods in the east. No number of bus stops is going to make up for Andy’s failed leadership. We need to make sure we elect Daniel Cameron and the entire Republican ticket this November and rid ourselves of Joe Biden’s man in Kentucky.”