Officers travel nationwide for Deputy Caleb Conley’s visitation

Officers travel from all over for Deputy Caleb Conley's visitation
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 10:31 PM EDT
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SCOTT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Last week, the Commonwealth saw the worst of humanity. Wednesday, we’re seeing the best of it.

“It could be any one of us. Any day. When we put on our uniforms at the beginning of our shift, when we leave our homes, we don’t know if that could be the last time we see our families,” said Lt. Charles Hartnett, with the Brotherhood for the Fallen.

It’s a burden and an honor Lt. Hartnett doesn’t take lightly. Deputy Caleb Conley’s killing during a traffic stop on I-75 last Monday hit the Scott County and Cynthiana communities especially hard. But the horrible news of his death has made impacts on his fellow brothers and sisters in blue nationwide.

“Because when one officer gets murdered, it affects us all.”

Lt. Hartnett represents the Boston Chapter of the Brotherhood for the Fallen. He’s attending Deputy Conley’s visitation services, joined by officers from New York, Dallas, Fort Worth, Colorado and Chicago. As people who know what it takes to serve their communities, they’ve come to now serve Deputy Conley’s family and department.

“Our officers go in every day, not knowing the dangers they face.”

But like Deputy Conley, they’re brave enough to do it anyway.

“I never knew Deputy Conley, but I know he’s a US Army Veteran. I’m a US Army Veteran. He has young children at home. I have young children at home. It hits close when something like this happens. You want to really be there for the family to make sure they know their service and their sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed.”

The hundreds here make sure it never will.

The Brotherhood for the Fallen organization also presented Deputy Conley’s family with a donation.

They’ll head back to their home states after Thursday’s Funeral Service.