“Everybody in Madison County didn’t need to wake up for this”- residents frustrated over ‘vague’ alert

“Everybody in Madison County didn’t need to wake up for this”- residents frustrated over ‘vague’ alert
Published: Jun. 3, 2023 at 9:45 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -Residents of Madison County had quite the shock early Saturday morning, when they were awoken by a jarring alarm coming from their phones.

Marie Retherford and her husband had their day started early because of it.

They were asleep in their home when they were awoken by a vague emergency notification on their phone that worried them and some other Madison County residents.

The 4:33 a.m. alert simply said there was a local area emergency and to monitor radio and TV for more details.

The lack of detail in this alert left her, and other residents very concerned.

“I know what the ramifications are and I know that it only takes once or twice for people to disregard stuff so it has to be accurate and relevant every time,” said Retheford.

After leaving her house later, she ran into others who also expressed their frustration.

“It was the topic of conversation and people were asking others if they had gotten woken up and if it set off their emergency radio,” said Retheford.

Another alert clarifying was sent out just a few hours later, which was a golden alert for for Jason Alita.

Amidst the frustration, she still wants to give some grace to Madison County Emergency Management.

“There’s too many people working too hard to have them catch any flak for a miss step.”

She says that although it caused confusion today, and the message wasn’t what she expected, it’s still an important alert.

“Somebody’s loved one is out there and for all I know is still out there, so it’s still important.”

the Madison County Emergency Management has since posted an apology to the community since the event.