Man dies at hospital after driving into pool following shooting in south Louisville

Police said a man was shot while driving and crashed into a pool.
Police said a man was shot while driving and crashed into a pool.(WAVE News)
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 4:17 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened Tuesday afternoon in south Louisville near McNeely Lake Park.

Calls came in for officers to respond to a report of a crash in the 6500 block of Brook Bend Way around 2:30 p.m.

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6500 block of Brook Bend Way
6500 block of Brook Bend Way(WAVE News)

Mindy Vance with LMPD said a man believed to be in his 20s was driving east on Cooper Chapel in the 5600 block when he was shot. He veered off the road and into a nearby pool behind an apartment complex.

Water was pouring out of bullet holes in the side of the car.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a vehicle in a pool and something happening like this,” Vance said.

Police couldn’t say how many shots were fired but you can see them putting down shot marker after shot marker on the road.

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Pool(WAVE News)

No one was in the pool area when the car came crashing in.

Vance said witnesses that saw the incident happened were able to rescue the victim out of the car and render aid. Neighbors told WAVE News that a man had jumped into the pool and pulled out the driver.

“He was looking for the body inside the car,” Donna Day, who lives next to the pool, said. “And he found him, and he was floating inside the car. So he grabbed him and pulled him up on the sidewalk. At first, it seemed like he wasn’t breathing, and they rolled him over on his side and he started spouting out a little bit of blood. It looked like there was a lot of water, too.”

The driver narrowly avoided crashing into two buildings, instead going in between them and clipping one.

Day said she lives in one of those buildings.

“I was in the kitchen and I heard a bang,” she said. “I thought the building had blown up. I ran outside and there was dust flying everywhere, and the man across the road came across and said, ‘There’s a car in your pool.’ And I was like what?”

Calls to police were updated to a shooting once it was realized the man had been shot.

He was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital in critical condition. Hospital staff notified police around 5 p.m. that the man had died from his injuries.

LMPD’s dive team was called to remove the vehicle, which will be sent off as crime scene evidence.

“It’s scary,” Day said. “I see all kinds of crazy driving going on Cooper Chapel and some other people speeding. But I never dreamed that something like this would ever happen.”

Due to the early investigation, police said there are no suspects at this time and officers continue to canvas the area.

Anyone with any information is asked to call LMPD’s anonymous tip line at (502) 574-LMPD (5673) or use the online crime tip portal.

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Police give update on a man who died after being shot and driving into a pool in south Louisville.