Backpack giveaway honors first FCPS student to die from COVID

Backpack giveaway honors first FCPS student to die from COVID
Published: Aug. 13, 2023 at 9:57 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - This afternoon, a backpack and school supply giveaway was held at Whitney Young Park by the Christopher “CJ” Gordon Foundation.

In 2021, Christopher Gordon was the first FCPS student to die from COVID complications. He was raised in the neighborhood that housed today’s event.

“When CJ was a baby, he played on that park. CJ played basketball right there. He came to events here. This is what he knows,” said CJ’s mom and event organizer Renita Wright.

For the second year, Wright gifted backpacks of supplies to local students. This year, she handed out 250 backpacks.

“I just saw this as a dream just to honor him because he was really kind and loving,” said Wright. “It was just the kind of person he was, so I wanted to do something I know he would do by giving back.”

CJ’s former teacher, Michelle Davis, helped to facilitate the event. She looks forward to helping Wright hold future events in CJ’s honor.

“From now on, she has a place to have CJ’s giveaway backpacks and supplies every year as long as I’m president of the St. Martin’s Village neighborhood association,” said Davis. “He was that child that everybody loved in the community, and it’s just something that he would want to see us do.”

Wright finds comfort in knowing the community continues to benefit from CJ’s caring nature.

“He was just giving. He always put others before himself, even at 15,” said Wright. “I knew this and saw this, but it’s beautiful to let everyone else see this. I know CJ is up there and is watching over us. He’s loving every moment of this.”