Homeowners, police speak on string of home break-ins in Danville

Homeowners, police speak on string of home break-ins in Danville
Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 10:54 PM EDT
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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A string of break-ins took place in Danville on Thursday night.

Three homes just off of Old Shakertown Road were targeted, including the home of David Chenault.

“I heard a thump, two big thumps, and got up and came into the living room and turned all the lights on,” said Chenault.

Chenault said he noticed his door was kicked in late Thursday night, just as a white SUV was driving away from his home.

“I was just angry. I was highly upset,” he said.

Danville Police Sergeant Aaron Rainwater said luckily the burglar was unable to get into Chenault’s home, and as for the other two homeowners, their dogs scared the burglar away.

“We flooded the area with patrol units, we’ve done some foot beats, walking on foot, so hopefully with just the large presence we’ve given, that would hopefully help deter anything from happening,” Rainwater said.

Rainwater said officers are still trying to gather more information on the suspect, but they do believe they may be a teen.

“The important thing is to just make sure your doors are locked, your vehicle doors are locked, and its important if you have alarm systems, set those alarm systems. Even if you can’t call 911, those alarm systems will alert us,” Rainwater said.

Rainwater added if anyone in this area notices suspicious activity or hears any information that could help find the suspect, he urges them to call the Danville Police Department.