Sweating: Why it’s good for you

Sweating: Why it’s good for you
Published: Aug. 21, 2023 at 4:13 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Sweating often holds a bad reputation.

Yes, it isn’t necessarily pleasant. However, it is essential to help our bodies endure warmer temperatures, whether we like the sweat or not.

“You will notice with the excessive heat that we are experiencing that you may sweat more than normal, and that’s your body trying to do what it needs to to keep itself cool,” said Dr. Erica Gregonis, chief medical officer at Baptist Health Richmond.

Sweat is consistent mainly of water, and its main function is to keep the body cool.

Our body’s internal temperature usually hangs around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when either temperature starts to climb or you begin to do something physically active that raises your internal temperature, your body kicks into action to cool us down.

“When it’s really hot outside, we need to be able to release more heat from our body, so we do that by releasing sweat through the sweat glands. Once that sweat gets on our skin, it evaporates off thanks to the heat, and that allows our body to get rid of heat and maintain our body temperature where it needs to be,” said Dr. Gregonis.

Sweating is often tackled with things such as antiperspirants and deodorants, but sweat itself doesn’t actually hold any smell. Sweat actually mixes with bacteria on the body’s skin, allowing for the odor to be released.

In periods of warmth, heat-borne illnesses are more likely as well. And while mild cases of heat exhaustion might not affect the body too much, without the proper precautions, you could develop heat stroke.

“Stay hydrated, that’s the most important, to make sure you are drinking more than you normally would. Staying in the air conditioning as much as you possibly can. Taking cool showers to help yourself possibly cool down. Anything you can do to help you beat the heat is important these days,” said Dr. Gregonis.

So, while sweat might not have the best reputation, anything you can do to keep your body cool during this warm week will be essential.