‘It’s getting out of control’: FedEx package stolen right out of driver’s hands

A FedEx driver in Virginia had a package stolen after a man ripped it right from her hands. (SOURCE: WWBT)
Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 2:02 PM EDT
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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT/Gray News) - A Virginia woman was shocked at learning a FedEx package being delivered to her was stolen right out of the delivery driver’s hands right in front of her home.

Jessica Saenz said she was working from her home last Thursday when her FedEx delivery driver knocked on her door frantically.

“She was crying, and then she said, ‘Can you open the door? Someone stole your package,’” Saenz told WWBT.

Saenz said she called the police and looked at her ring camera to see a man pacing step by step with the FedEx worker before snatching the package right from her hand and escaping into a white BMW parked out front.

“It was during the day, it could have been worse, but it’s getting out of control,” Saenz said.

As the robber took off, the FedEx worker headed to her vehicle to get her phone.

“It was unbelievable because it was right outside my house and this guy could have broken in and taken it from me,” Saenz said.

Saenz said she’s lived at her home for two years and has never had an issue with packages being stolen.

“I get packages here all day,” Saenz said. “Even that day, five minutes before the lady showed up, I had three packages from Amazon, and no one was here.”

Saenz said she believes the robbery was not random and that the person somehow knew the package contained a $1,600 iPad for her husband’s work.

“That was a valuable package that needed a signature, so for some reason, these guys knew it was something high value,” Saenz said.

The delivery driver told police the man walking with her claimed the package was his before he grabbed it and ran off.

Saenz said the delivery driver was shaken up but was able to write down the temporary plate numbers on the BMW. Those numbers were reportedly used a month earlier in association with another theft.

“Thank God we’re fine but he’s going to keep doing this to other people and that’s just sad,” Saenz said. “I hope the police can find this guy because it’s just not good for our community.”

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to call Chesterfield Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.