Kentucky horse industry officials remember Brereton Jones for pushing its importance

Kentucky horse industry officials remember Brereton Jones for pushing its importance
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 5:28 PM EDT
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KENTUCKY (WKYT) - The horse racing industry is remembering Brereton Jones.

The former Kentucky governor passed away on Monday.

He directed the Breeder’s Cup and helped establish a number of equine organizations.

After Brereton Jones was governor, horse racing industry folks such as those with the Breeder’s Cup say Jones advanced the thoroughbred industry in Kentucky and abroad for generations.

That sentiment is shared by many others around Kentucky.

“He was all about the horse industry in Kentucky and in America,” said Case Clay, who helped Jones with the Kentucky Equine Education Program (KEEP).

Clay grew up just down the road from Jones and even rode to school with his kids years ago. More recently, he was with Gov. Jones as he started KEEP.

“That’s an organization that allows for the horse industry to have a seat at the table in Frankfort,” Clay said.

Jones is credited with working with lawmakers to establish the Breeder’s Incentive Fund and the establishment of historical horse racing in the Commonwealth.

Clay says Jones supported all horses in Kentucky, not just thoroughbreds, and pushed programs in all 120 counties. He was a governor and an important horse breeder, but Clay says he was also just a regular guy.

“He was always open to have a chat. And to talk about his horses or other horses. Always had a smile on his face. Very warm and welcoming guy,” he said.

The president of Breeder’s Cup, Drew Fleming, says Jones’ passion for Thoroughbred racing was second to none. Seventeen horses bred by his farm went on to participate in the Breeder’s Cup World Championship.

Jones created KEEP in 2004 and served as chairman of its board of directors until 2011.