People flock to downtown London for World Chicken Festival

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Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 9:11 PM EDT
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LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) - The 2023 World Chicken Festival kicked off in downtown London on Thursday.

The festival offers live music, fun and food for people across the region.

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One popular item on the menu is fried chicken from the world’s largest skillet.

Each year, a non-profit receives a donation from money raised using the festival’s signature skillet.

The Laurel County African American Heritage Center (LCAAHC) has the task of manning the skillet.

Founder and Director of the LCAAHC Wayne Riley said it took some adjusting to be able to use the large skillet, but he is grateful for the awareness it brings to the center.

“Well, at the center, you know, we just try to promote the center and do different things. We have food giveaways, we have a farm program, we have a commercial kitchen and all of this just kind of ties into it,” Riley explained.

The World Chicken Festival also gives local organizations a chance to raise donations.

The Rotary Club of London uses the festival as a chance to raise money and spark creativity.

With the ‘Chicken Invasion’, businesses and schools in the area are able to decorate a wood plank to look like a chicken.

Festivalgoers vote on their favorite design by paying $1.

Pam Bunch, with the Rotary Club, said there were some fan favorites this year.

“So far there are a few, it gets very competitive. Right now, there is a few, like number 12 Ms. Loretta, well actually her name is Lorrega Hen, and number maybe six, the Taylor Swift has been popular too,” Bunch explained.

Bunch added the donations raised from the voting will help better the London community.