Grammy-winning eastern Kentucky musician teaming up with New Frontier for good cause

One Grammy-winning eastern Kentucky musician is teaming up with an Appalachian-based business for a new collaboration to give back.
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 6:14 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 14, 2023 at 6:15 PM EST
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KENTUCKY (WKYT) - As we enter the season of giving, one Grammy-winning eastern Kentucky musician who has made a name for himself playing for Chris Stapleton is teaming up with an Appalachian-based business for a new collaboration to give back.

Growing up in Pike County, J.T. Cure was surrounded by music that was a way of life.

“Whether its Bluegrass or Old Time, it’s just everybody seems to play music, and it’s just a part of the culture, so it’s hard not to get wrapped up in that,” said J.T. Cure.

A meeting in the fall of 1998 when Cure was in college at Morehead State University would change his life musically.

Cure met and became friends with fellow eastern Kentuckian and Johnson Co. native Chris Stapleton.

Nearly ten years later, Stapleton convinced Cure to move to Nashville and they never looked back.

“We started playing music, we had a rock-n-roll band there. We learned a lot about just being in a band and playing music together, so it’s pretty special that we are still able to keep doing that,” said Cure.

Cure plays bass guitar for Stapleton.

One of his prized possessions is a coveted 1962 Fender Precision he got just prior to the recording sessions for Stapleton’s award-winning album Traveller.

“I actually took out a loan to buy this bass guitar. I think it was 2014,” said Cure.

That guitar, now named “Purdy,” is Cure’s main bass and travels with him on tour.

The guitar is also the reason he’s teaming up with fellow eastern Kentuckians Josh and Jared Ravenscraft, who own and operate New Frontier, a clothing company based in Morehead.

“I said, ‘Hey, would you guys be willing to do this? I mean, I’m not trying to make any money; I just want a cool hat that I can wear and give to my friends,’” said Cure.

For New Frontier, a company that has humble roots in the mountains, getting the call from Cure was exciting.

In fact, he was one of their earliest customers.

“Once we started talking, we were like, what can we do? You know we could do something bigger and do something to give back, especially leading up to the holidays,” said Josh Ravenscraft.

So together, they designed a custom hat showcasing Cure’s beloved “Purdy” guitar and a purpose behind every sale.

100% of the proceeds of this new hat will go to Chris Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind charity, which has often benefited so many in Kentucky.

“We use both our platforms, I feel like to really showcase our eastern Kentucky roots, so the whole focal point here now this project is centered around giving back,” said Ravenscraft.

For Cure, it’s about partnering with the people who support his music and a region he loves while giving back on one of the biggest stages, playing music with one of his best friends.

“It’s just the love of the music keeps you going and every day that I get to do it is a blessing,” said Cure.

The signature hats are available now for $30 and will be offered on Chris Stapleton’s website, New Frontier’s website, as well as select shows on tour.