WKYT-TV signed on in September 1957 and has been standing for Kentucky ever since. We believe the Kentucky way of life is special, and it’s our mission to stand up for those who hold it sacred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don’t I have sound on WKYT?

A: Here is what has happened, your audio input for that channel has gotten switched to a secondary audio that has no audio at all or only on some shows. The TV remembers this setting for each channel so that’s why when you switch channels it works and when you switch back it doesn’t. Find the AUDIO, SAP or MTS button on your remote and while you are on WKYT (the channel with no audio) push the button to select audio 1, English or primary audio not sure what it will say on your TV. This should bring back your audio. You can find TV provider-specific information below:


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