What’s happening in Frankfort? Here’s a list of prefiled bills that could affect you

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 6:12 AM EST

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky’s regular legislative session begins on January 4, but lawmakers have been prefiling bills for months now.

Here’s a list of some of the bills that could come up for discussion in the weeks to come. This list is an incomplete sampling of what lawmakers might talk about in Frankfort.

The general assembly will also have to approve a budget and finish drawing up new districts that reflect changes in the 2020 Census.


Bill Request 65 would stop schools, businesses, and governmental bodies from requiring proof of vaccination to get in.

Bill Request 106 would stop public employers from forcing workers and applicants from disclosing vaccination status.

Bill Request 353 would establish workers’ compensation for people required to get the COVID vaccine for work and develop long-term side effects.

Bill Request 362 would get rid of some liability protections for companies that require workers to get COVID vaccines.

Bill Request 384 would stop colleges from requiring students to get vaccinated, unless those students are involved in health care programs.


Bill Request 211 would exclude houses of worship from emergency shutdown orders.

Bill Request 430 would enhance death benefits for first responders who die of COVID-19.

Bill Requests 1150 and 1151 have to do with “test to stay” programs in schools. The first would limit schools to requiring 5 consecutive days of testing. The second would require that districts using the program have at least 2 testing sites in the county.

Roads and Transportation

Bill Request 92 would make it so drivers caught running red lights on camera could be automatically ticketed.

Bill Request 209 would require you to turn your headlights on in rainy or snowy conditions.


Bill Requests 60 and 69 are aimed at critical race theory. The first would stop teachers from using learning materials that could create division between groups of people. The second would stop any kind of teaching that promotes one group over another.

Bill Request 119 would require school districts to provide age-appropriate sex education.

Bill Request 275 would permanently fund full-day kindergarten.

Bill Request 440 would require schools to assign school resource officers by August 1, 2022.

Bill Request 910 would ban corporal punishment in schools.

Bill Request 973 would require students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to graduate.


Bill Request 826 would specifically grant the right of every individual to choose or refuse birth control and abortions.

Bill Request 1069 would formally encourage Congress to adopt the Hyde Amendment, which would restrict government funding for most abortions.


Bill Request 171 would make Kentucky a Second Amendment sanctuary. That would stop state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun restrictions.

Bill Request 847 would mandate the destruction of confiscated weapons.

Bill Request 966 would allow people as young as 18 to concealed carry guns.

Bill Request 969 would stop local and state government buildings from stopping visitors from concealed carrying weapons.

LGBTQ Topics

Bill Request 49 would ban conversion therapy for minors.

Bill Request 102 would qualify LGBTQ veterans who were discharged for gender identity or sexuality for veterans’ benefits.

Bill Request 154 is about school sports. It would prevent transgender boys from participating in boys’ athletics programs, and transgender girls from participating in girls’ athletics programs.

Politics & Elections

Bill Request 133 would set term limits for members of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Bill Request 306 would extend voting hours from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Bill Request 307 would remove straight ticket voting as an option on ballots.

Bill Request 1060 would allow independent voters to vote in whichever political primary they want.

Crime & Justice

Bill Request 140 would enhance enforcement of animal abuse against cats and dogs.

Bill Request 174 is about DUI prosecution in Kentucky. It would undo a court decision that stops prosecutors from using a DUI suspect’s refusal to take a blood test against them in court.

Bill Request 290 would require animal abusers to pay for the care of the animals they abused.

Bill Request 866 would set up ways to compensate people wrongfully convicted of crimes.


Bill Request 147 would require hospitals to provide maternity patients with information and resources on maternal depression.

Bill Request 215 would recognize emergency dispatchers as first responders and connect them to resources to help treat PTSD.

Bill Request 945 would cap cost-sharing thresholds for diabetes drugs and equipment other than insulin.

Bill Request 1143 would allow terminally ill people to request assisted suicide.

Finances & Economy

Bill Request 91 would gradually raise minimum wage to $15.

Bill Request 277 would require companies to be more clear about automatic renewal offers.

Bill Request 322 would establish universal basic income for Kentucky. It would provide individuals with $1,000 dollars per month if passed.

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