Brian Milam

WKYT Sports Director
WKYT (Lexington, KY)
Brian Milam

Sports has been the one constant of my life and being able to share moments with student-athletes and tell their stories along the way. There have been too many to recollect and I hope I am able to be involved with many more in the future.

I often tell people “I am too old-school for the new-school” so many of my personal interests include sports, music, and television shows from my younger days.

I used to be a rabid St. Louis Cardinals fan (especially during the 1980’s-early 2010’s) and I also love music from 1950’s-2010’s, and I enjoy learning about why people do what they do.

Had I not become involved in sports, I would like to have been a U.S. History teacher at the high school level and probably would have coached baseball.

  • Butler High School and Morehead State University
  • Awards
  • Numerous AP awards and two Emmy nominations (2011 and 2020)