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WKYT's "Live Drive Traffic"

Central Kentucky's most recognized traffic reporter took the helm of WKYT's "Live Drive Traffic" in January 2008. For the past seven years, Officer Don Evans has been a trusted, reliable source of traffic information for television viewers and listeners of News Radio 630 WLAP and its other Clear Channel radio partners in central Kentucky.

A native of Irvington, Officer Don got his broadcasting start at WHIC radio when he was 14 years old. During high school and college, he worked as a DJ and radio reporter. While at WHAS radio in Louisville, Don got his first taste of covering traffic.

Officer Don joined the Lexington Police Department in 1990 where he's served as a patrol officer, motorcycle officer and homicide detective.

To say Officer Don loves to fly is an understatement. With a commercial rating in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, he's been in the air more than 5,000 flight hours and also flies vintage World War II aircraft.

"Live Drive Traffic" provides viewers with an unrivaled look at Lexington-area traffic conditions. "Live Drive Traffic" generates the most accurate and useful picture of changing traffic conditions that viewers can see through animated mapping software. To show traffic conditions, major roadways change colors (green to yellow to red) based on congestion and delays. Officer Don also pinpoints trouble spots for viewers using street-level mapping, live video from traffic cameras and from SKYFIRST.

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