Adam Burniston

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Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter

I remember at a very young age I was terrified of storms and could never sleep through them. Then, growing up, I started to grow a liking for weather.

Growing up in rural Indiana, just south of Fort Wayne, we could see for miles in all directions, and we had these big windows. I would stand and watch storms as they rolled through the countryside. I remember one time I was standing at the window when a lightning bolt struck our swing set right in our back yard and shattered it into wood pieces. While most would probably be scared, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing. Through high school, my love for weather continued to grow, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in weather.

I graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana with degrees in Atmospheric Sciences and Geographical Information Science. Soon after college, I found my first broadcast job at KALB in Alexandria, Louisiana as their Weekend Meteorologist. There I was able to forecast severe weather nearly all year round, as well as track hurricanes and tropical weather.

After working in Louisiana, I moved back north and started working here at WKYT as a Weekend Meteorologist/Reporter. I’m excited to call Kentucky my home!

I have an amazing wife, Emily, who loves riding horses as well as retraining them. I enjoy horse riding as well.

Whenever I’m not at WKYT forecasting or reporting, I’m most likely still watching the weather because I also love the outdoors. I like cycling, sports, photography, and taking our dog Maggie on walks. When I’m watching sports, it will either be the Colts or the Reds, and I always get excited about college basketball season.

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