10 Reasons Morehead State University should be your new dream school

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Students may come to MSU for the academics, but they quickly fall in love with the school’s athletics, extracurriculars, rich history and stunningly gorgeous local town. With a recently expanded scholarship program and new suite-style residence halls currently under construction, there’s no better time to become an MSU Eagle.

Tucked into the foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Rowan County, Kentucky, MSU is set among breathtaking mountains, lakes and greenery. Charming small town meets cutting-edge modern innovation at this public, co-ed university.

To see how you can #MajorInYou at Morehead State, check out our top 10 reasons MSU should be your new dream school.

1. A recently expanded scholarship program.

To ensure that all eligible students have the opportunity to experience MSU, the university recently expanded its scholarship program to increase access and affordability for future Eagles. MSU will distribute more than $21 million in institutional scholarship dollars this year. Most scholarship application deadlines are March 15 – so apply now!

2. Over 125 years of history.

Established in 1887 with a single student studying out of a tiny cottage, MSU has come a long way from its humble beginnings. With a rich social, academic and cultural identity cultivated over more than 125 years, MSU has established itself as a constantly evolving campus with forward-thinking students and staff. Various campus monuments and markers serve as testaments to the University’s dedication to honoring its rich history.

3. MSU Eagles athletic program.

Whether you’re a sports player, hardcore fan or occasional spectator, the Eagle athletic program is undeniably one of the University’s points of pride – and with good reason! MSU is a member of the Ohio Valley Conference and boasts 16 NCAA Division I teams. With a baseball field, football field, basketball arena and golf course on campus, students are always close to the sports action.

4. Diverse housing options.
Between traditional residence halls, suite-style halls and apartment-style living, there are housing options for every type of student at MSU. The University is also currently expanding and improving residence options by adding two residential facilities: one apartment-style complex on the Derrickson Agricultural Complex and one main campus residence hall with suite-style rooms. These buildings will allow MSU to accommodate more students, as well as provide them with modern amenities and designs.

5. Manageable class sizes.
One of the ways that MSU puts a premium on education is by keeping class sizes small. Forget giant lecture halls with hundreds of students and a professor who doesn’t know your name. The average class size is 18 students, which means each Eagle has the opportunity to connect both with the material and with the instructor.

6. Widespread diversity.
At MSU, diversity is not only valued—it’s essential. The university’s approximately 11,000-student population represents students from 109 Kentucky counties, 45 states, and 27 nations, and the school’s professors and staff represent an equally varied spread. In addition to their statistical diversity, MSU emphasizes educating its students and employees on the importance of interacting with others who hold different beliefs, come from different backgrounds, or have had different experiences.

7. Unique programs.
With 135 undergraduate degree programs and over 70 graduate degree programs, MSU offers a mix of traditional and specialized areas of study. Specialized programs like imaging sciences, veterinary technology, space science and Appalachian studies are offered alongside classic programs like psychology, political science, English and sociology. MSU ensures that all students are able to pursue a degree that they’re passionate about.

8. A stunning local college town.
In terms of college towns, it doesn’t get better than Morehead. Whether students are kayaking across Eagle Lake, hiking on the Sheltowee Trace trail or observing wildlife in the Daniel Boone National Forest, they’re guaranteed to be dazzled by breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind sunsets. Morehead itself is a small town, and MSU is a centerpiece of the locale. You’ll fall in love with Morehead as much as you’ll fall in love with MSU.

9. Award-winning extracurriculars.
The MSU community extends far beyond its academic programs. With organized extracurriculars including international award-winning choir programs, a dedicated equestrian team and passionate Greek life, MSU helps ensure that each student receives a 360-degree experience. On top of the NCAA sports teams, students can also participate in a wide variety of intramural sports and outdoor adventures, and can stay fit at the on-campus Recreation and Wellness Center, named one of Health Fitness Revolution’s "Top 10 College Recreation Centers."

10. A focus on giving back.
Through many of its programs and initiatives, MSU provides various ways in which students can get involved in giving back. MSU has a Center for Regional Engagement that helps students, faculty, and staff ensure that MSU actively works towards helping the local community when needed. For students who want to participate in hands-on programming, the MSUCorps pairs MSU Eagles with at-risk youth.

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