A decorating trend back from the 80s? Can you guess?

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Sponsored - It’s not your Grandmother’s wallpaper…So what is it?
Today’s wallpaper is far removed from what most people remember. New patterns, new colors, and new materials make today’s wallpaper easier to install (and take down, when the time comes), more interesting and gives you the ability to completely change the character of a room.

New patterns, new colors, easier to use
New materials include a Tyvek®-like backing that is easy to cut and trim, but makes the paper easier to remove as it does not tear when wetted with remover solution. In fact, some of these wallpapers are guaranteed to come off the wall in complete sheets as long as they are properly installed and removed. New patterns and colors means a much larger choice of textures and colors, including some 3-D effects, as well as patterns that mimic old wood, metal, design elements and more. A full room wallpapering job is not always needed: using one of the new, unique patterns as an accent wall can drastically change a room with minimal effort and cost.

Now that I have this new wallpaper, how do I install it?
Properly installed….hmmm. That means I need to read and follow the instructions, right? RIGHT! Too many times we have worked with customers that have been faced with a difficult removal situation due to improper installation of the wallpaper. Sizing is ALWAYS needed to properly prepare the wall surface so the wallpaper will adhere properly, and will release when it comes time to remove it. Another problem is caused by putting paste on pre-pasted wallpaper. Doing so will not only void the warranty, but makes it difficult to impossible to remove the wallpaper.

What If I need help?
If you have questions about removing existing wallpaper, or you want to change a room or even your whole house, Perspectives has the products and knowledge to help you complete your project on time and on budget. Stop by our showroom to see these new products and let us show you how wallpaper can be a great decorating option…even better than your Grandmother had!

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