Does your university have a personal success plan?

Published: Oct. 7, 2019 at 12:33 PM EDT
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Does your university have a personal success plan? Many high school graduates will be heading to college next fall with an unknown major declaration. It’s quite common for 18-year-olds to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of declaring a major. That’s why choosing a school with a lot of options is a good idea.

offers 142 undergraduate degree programs as well as 21 professional program preparations and 69 graduate degree programs. With that kind of variety, students are able to explore a number of core classes in a variety of academic areas to help find their passion.

When choosing a school, students should look for a curriculum that offers plenty of room to explore a variety of options. At MSU, students can personalize their plan for success exploring coursework in fields ranging from space systems engineering to creative writing. Plus, students are able to use MSU resources to tailor their college experience to their personal interests and needs.

Undecided students may also want to consider the prospect of changing their mind. How easy is it to make a transition? At MSU, students receive assistance from dedicated faculty, who make sure success starts as soon as enrollment. Plus, MSU offers joint admission with Ashland, Bluegrass, Big Sandy, Hazard, Maysville and Southeast Community and Technical Colleges. Students simply apply once and can be admitted to both with an MSU advisor and a KCTCS advisor to help map courses and guide students through a transfer.

Students should look for a school where faculty is readily available to help. MSU’s student success programs are designed to make sure students get the guidance and support they need for making important decisions and handling the challenging demands of college life. MSU offers a variety of services and resources to guide and support students through their college experience:

• The Office of

provides a smooth transition and you will feel right at home both in the classroom and on campus.

helps you navigate your class schedule through professional advising.

• Tackle your studies through the


• Our Office of

is dedicated to helping you gain invaluable experience for your resume through internships and co-ops. With their guidance, you will be both confident and prepared when you enter the job market.

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