Update Your Deck Now and Really Enjoy Your Staycation

Sponsored - One thing NOT to do when cleaning your deck.

This is prime season for updating and restoring the look of your deck to enjoy now and for years to come. Periodically cleaning and re-staining your deck will not only help preserve the wood, but will help restore the appearance of your deck so you can enjoy and share with friends and family.

So what is the one thing NOT to do while cleaning your deck? DON’T use a pressure washer to clean your deck! Not to say that you can’t use a pressure washer at all, but use it at low pressure only to rinse off the cleaning agent that you should use. If you use a pressure washer at a high enough pressure to clean off the dirt, mold and mildew, you are probably irretrievably damaging the wood surface.

So, how should I clean my deck?

The best way to clean a wood deck is to use a wood cleaner that is specifically designed for that purpose. There are several products available that will clean a deck without causing damage to the wood and surrounding plantings. Defy Wood Cleaner is an oxygen bleach cleaner that is extremely effective at cleaning dirt, oil, mold, algae, and aged stains from wood. Following up with Defy Wood Brightener will neutralize the cleaner, brighten the wood to like new condition and open the pores of the wood to accept a new coat of deck finish.

OK, my deck is clean; now what?

After cleaning, allow the deck to dry thoroughly for at least one full day; two good drying days is preferred. Follow all of the instructions on the deck finish that you have selected, paying close attention to the application method and the square footage that each gallon of product is supposed to cover. Putting on too much finish, or putting on two coats when only one is recommended will result in the finish failing prematurely and possibly even peeling off. Putting on too light an application can result in the product not performing as expected and not lasting as long as it should.

What if I have more questions?

The staff at Perspectives can help guide you to the right products and procedures to get your deck ready and beautiful for the outdoor season. Visit our Website for more information: https://www.perspectives-usa.com/