Helpful tips to keep your Arthritis in check this fall!

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 2:26 PM EDT
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School has started back and everyone is getting back to their routines. Many of us who suffer from arthritis feel better in the summer due to more vitamin D, the warmer temps, and higher levels of physical activity. This sense of well being can lead many to stop taking their arthritis medications regularly (which can lead to disease progression even without increased symptoms). As we get back on schedule and summer winds down and we transition to fall, there are some important things to remember to help manage your arthritis.

1. Stay up to date on your labs! If you were one of the many that tend to fall behind with keep your labs up to date, schedule it now! Get back in routine of having regular labs done. This is so important because it allows us to monitor inflammatory factors and your liver health. Keeping a close eye inflammatory factors/markers can help us predict potential flare ups. It also allows us to identify early stages of infection before you see signs of infection. This is extremely important since most arthritis medications should not be taken while there is infection in the body. It also allows us to monitor your liver health and catch any deterioration of function that could be a possible side effect from arthritis prescriptions.

2. Keep Moving! Most people who live with arthritis do a great job at staying active in the summer. This is extremely important to continue activity as many of us get back into a different routine after school starts and summer starts to dwindle and fall moves in to view. As cooler temps start to settle in, so can bad habits. Make a conscious effort to stay active! If cooler temps make activity hard for you, consider joining a gym that offers a heated pool! Swimming is an excellent way to keep activity that is easy on arthritic joints and relaxing all at the same time!

3. Keep a summer diet! Most of us tend to eat healthier in the summer due to easy access to fruits and vegetables and more grilling. Don’t let fast food, high sugar, and fall comfort foods become your new routine. Make a conscious effort to continue high amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables! If you must have the comfort of something that feels like fall, remember that black and green tea are good options as well as coffee given the antioxidants and ability to reduce inflammation. Just remember, don’t doctor it up with lots of sugar. Now might be the perfect time to sign up for a local farm CSA to keep in season fruits and vegetables always at hand.

It’s easy if we are suffering from pain of arthritis to reach for something that brings us comfort just remember that many of those “comfort foods” only help feed the disease. Make the call now while you are still feeling up to it to get updated labs scheduled, join a gym, start implementing activity that’s easy on your joints, and sign up for a local farm CSA and make sure you are feeling your best as we near Fall. Don’t let pain be a routine you fall into now that school has started and Fall quickly approaches. Call us today!

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