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Sponsored - Ingredients:
Your favorite homemade brownies or your favorite box mix brownies (or buy prepared brownies at Kroger)
Peppermint ice cream
Milk or dark chocolate bar (or you can use chocolate syrup)
Small peppermint sticks or crushed peppermints for decoration
Reddi-wip, Cool Whip or other whipped topping

Using parfait glasses, place a layer of peppermint ice cream in each glass, followed by a layer of prepared brownies.
Then add another layer of peppermint ice cream.
You may layer again if you'd like -- whatever fits your glass and looks pretty.
Top with whipped topping. Decorate with shaved chocolate or crushed peppermints, or drizzle with chocolate syrup. Or you can use a peppermint stick for decoration.
For added flavor, drizzle a little strong coffee, or bourbon, over the brownies before you begin. Add enough to make them soft, but not mushy.

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