Nominate a Champion Student Athlete for a $2500 Scholarship

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Adversity comes in many shapes and sizes and, as a student athlete, there’s a new challenge around every corner. Sometimes, life just deals us a tough hand to play. Sometimes, our environment can create challenging obstacles. And, sometimes, we just make bad decisions that put barriers in our path to success. No matter what may cause the adversity in life, it takes a special kind of person to face those challenges and overcome them in a way that leads to success.

Bluegrass Orthopaedics recognizes that some students are faced with great adversity, and many of those students are not always given the recognition they deserve for overcoming these difficult challenges. The Bluegrass Orthopaedics Foundation, a non-profit organization, is proud to sponsor the fourth annual BGO Night of Champions. The evening is a celebratory event for those individuals not always recognized with awards or accolades. The BGO Champion Award will be given to two very deserving individuals, one male and one female, from the central Kentucky area.

The Bluegrass Orthopaedics Foundation Board of Directors is asking athletic directors, coaches, athletic trainers, and other school administration to nominate one male and one female student‐athlete who satisfies the criteria set forth in this form. The board will select one male and one female from the high schools in central Kentucky as the “BGO Champion Award” winners. You can CLICK HERE to download the nomination form.