Protect Your Home and Family from COVID-19

Published: May. 13, 2020 at 4:32 PM EDT
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Do you want another way beyond gloves and masks to protect yourself against COVID19 & more while out in public? A person can wipe down areas in an attempt to rid the home or business of COVID19 & a host of other contaminants, but that doesn't get it all by a long shot. The reason for this is that contaminants are always moving about getting into air systems and areas nobody would think to clean. Fogging goes where these contaminants go, whether riding on particles in the air or attached to surfaces of all types in all areas, fogging eliminates COVID19 & more.

The average time of application for this service is up to one hour in a residential setting & all occupants and animals must remain absent for 30 minutes following the treatment.

provides a host of options to rid homes & businesses of COVID19 & more with their proprietary agent that is EPA registered as effective against the human corona-virus. The most powerful of these options being the fogging application in both commercial & residential settings.

Protect your family, friends and co-workers against COVID19 & more. Call

today to find out about their personal protective device that creates a 4' protective bubble around you and lasts for 24 hours before needing recharged.