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Published: Aug. 15, 2019 at 9:38 AM EDT
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For years, high school students, their parents, and even grandparents have believed that graduating high school and college was the only path to a successful career. In fact, you can be highly successful while yes graduating high school but without a 4 year college degree. Attending a trade school like The Building Institute of Central Kentucky, which is a 2 year program, almost guarantees you an immediate job and with little to no debt. Most college graduates don’t find themselves in this enviable situation. Why? Because students and parents alike have been led to believe “success” only equals a college degree and that’s simply not the case. In turn, we now have a current national shortfall of skilled trades workers and that shortfall continues to grow as baby boomers retire.

So we need to re-direct the conversation to give “success” some different characteristics.

How about “soft skills” like a being a hard worker that comes to work regularly, week after week, and is always willing to work? How about “hard skills” like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry that allow men and women to earn a great living and support their families? How about skills that could allow one to own their own business one day and has income potential that would usually be associated with lawyers and doctors?

How about skills that can’t be replaced by robots or computers and are always needed regardless if the economy is up or down? Can we just recognize there is something truly to be proud of and touted as a success all in itself...finishing a program where you are hired almost immediately with little to NO DEBT!!!??? That in itself is huge!

Yes “success” can look many different ways but choosing a career in the skilled trades combined with a strong work ethic, that is a great investment with huge return not only for you, your family, but the community as a whole!

So give the Building Institute of Central Kentucky a call if you want to learn more. Companies are hiring as fast as they can train them so if you’ve got the “soft skills”, they can give you the “hard skills” in the areas of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and more and in just 2 years! Even if you’re looking for a career change and an opportunity to do better for not only yourself but your family, it’s worth the call! They are enrolling now for September classes! So what are you waiting for? Call them now at 859-229-6641.

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