The Kentucky Foothills Therapeutic Horsemanship Center (KFTHC) needs you!

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 9:30 AM EST
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Richmond-based KFTHC provides disabled kids, soldiers and many other Kentuckians the opportunity for a life-changing experience with a horse.

are partnering with KFTHC to provide the healing power of working with horses to people across the Commonwealth. The partnership helps KFTHC fulfill its mission to take riders to a new and unexplored world, a world full of possibilities and hope.

“As the legs of these beautiful animals become the legs of our riders, they get a sense of freedom and acceptance that is missing in their lives,” said Jake Campbell, the Executive Director of KFTHC. “A very special bond is established between the horse and rider which encourages unconditional love, trust and feelings of self‐worth.”

The horses are trained from the day they are born to be patient, responsive and friendly. Participants form close relationships with the animals, and this often brings about much-needed healing.

“When they interact with a horse, it’s amazing to see the communication that takes place,” Campbell said. “When the people first come in, they’re usually a little apprehensive, but after they meet the horse, they know right away they have a friend. We see a lot of development especially with kids. It helps with anger and frustration and brings a lot of calmness to them.”

KFTHC needs help with maintenance, animal care, special events and much more. Please bring the healing power of the program to someone you love.

To donate or get involved, visit

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