Join BIA Cares for a fun-filled night to help Kentucky veterans

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Kentucky has a long and proud history of military service. It is home to three military bases: Fort Campbell Army Base, Blue Grass Army Depot, and the famous Fort Know Army Base, one of the largest military complexes in the United States.

With bases and service come a large number of veterans. According to the Housing Assistance Council, almost 300,000 or 9% of all Kentuckians are veterans. Over 20% of these veterans have a service-related disability.

There are many ways to support the veteran community. Donations can be made to the Veterans Program Trust Fund run by the Commonwealth’s Department of Veteran Affairs. The American Legion is a long-standing resource for veterans. BIA Cares focuses on Central Kentucky and has several programs specifically for veterans.

One such program is the yearly veteran home build project where BIA Cares subsidizes a new home build for a select veteran. This program address what the Housing Assistance Council says is the largest housing issue facing veterans: housing affordability. Don Sullivan, Board Member of BIA Cares explains, “It puts a veteran family in a very good position as far as having equity in a new home.”

BIA Cares raises money for the Veteran Home Build and other project each year through the Funding Hope Charity Event. The event features live music, auctions, food and drink. It will be held August 17th, 6-10 pm at the historic Galerie in downtown Versailles.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the BIA Cares website.