What Is A Heating And Cooling System Check?

Sponsored - Do you know how well your heating and cooling system is performing? Do you know if it is on the brink of a disaster? When is the last time you thought of your heating and cooling system? Truthfully, not many people know much about their heating and cooling system. While problems with heating and cooling seem to occur at one moment, they most likely have been building up over months. The smallest of problems with your heating and cooling system could result in breakdowns, reduced indoor air quality, and higher energy bills. However, with regular System Checks, you and your family could avoid these problems.

What Is A System Check?

A System Check starts with a licensed technician fully and completely inspecting your heating and cooling system. It is important to only have licensed technicians inspecting your heating and cooling system, so you know that they are fully trained and have the experience to make an accurate assessment of your system’s performance. During the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, your system works harder, making it vital to have it checked to ensure proper operations. While the exact inspection list may vary from company to company, there are certain items that should always be included in every System Check. System Checks include inspecting system safeties, electrical connections, voltage to the unit, and any possible gas leaks. The technician will also inspect cooling operations, blower operations, and refrigerant levels, to confirm all cooling operations are functioning properly. The technician will also examine heating operations, burner and ignition assembly, the heat exchanger, and amperage to the electric heat strips, in order to confirm heating operations. Lastly, they will perform an inspection of coils, drain lines, condensate pumps, and all other equipment operations to verify your system is running efficiently. Your System Check will end with confirmation of your system’s operation. To confirm your system’s operations, your technician will raise and lower the temperature and cycle your system using your thermostat. All of this is to provide you with the most accurate information on your heating and cooling system’s overall performance, safety, and operations.

What Is The Benefit Of A System Check?

Once a check is finished, your technician will give you a complete report on the health of your heating and cooling system along with any necessary repairs you may need. Your technician should explain the importance and severity of any suggested work. This can help prevent future breakdowns and lead to reduced heating and cooling bills. For example, if your duct work is dirty and clogged, along with any dirty filters or parts, this can create a heavy strain on your system, as it will have to try harder to pull air through the dirt and dust. This is where inefficiencies that lead to high heating and cooling bills occur. Your system might also be on the brink of a major breakdown, and System Checks can alert you to the issue. These System Checks are designed to give you peace of mind knowing that your system is working properly and will help you address any problems within your system.

Some heating and cooling companies take it a step further with maintenance plans. These maintenance plans include System Checks at least once a year, discounts on parts, and guarantees on repairs to give your heating and cooling system even more protection.

Another important benefit of a System Check is to validate manufacturer warranties. All manufacturers require you to have “regular preventative maintenance” or “annual maintenance by a licensed technician” in order to keep your warranty from being voided. With these warranties, manufacturers want to ensure that any problems you could have are directly related to a faulty product and not neglect. They might also ask for documentation of any services completed, so it is important to record any service you have.

Ultimately, the solutions provided by your technician will be exclusively tailored to your system and home situation. Not all systems have the same needs, so your technician will work to make suggestions that are right for your system and your home. System Checks are not meant to force you into costly repairs, or only find problems, they were created to have expert technicians confirm that your system is running efficiently and effectively. System Checks help protect your heating and cooling system, and keep your home more comfortable.

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