Elks Lodge raises money for Beacon of Hope homeless shelter

WINCHESTER, Ky (WKYT) -- Saturday Elks Lodge in Winchester served a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs, as a part of a fundraiser benefiting the Beacon of Hope homeless shelter.

"Everybody needs a help-me-pick-up sometimes. Our motto is 'Elks cares and Elks shares.' You have to be a caring person to belong to this organization," said Don Aldridge, exaulted ruler of the lodge.

With no incoming funds, the homeless shelter in Winchester relies on donations from the community.

"It takes us $6,000 a month just to keep our doors open. When they do events like this, that helps so much to pay the water, the electric, the rent," said Michele Bradford, director and founder of the shelter.

For four years, Beacon of Hope has provided a home to people looking to start over. Gina Jones said she checked into the shelter looking to escape homelessness.

"It's keep me out of trouble. I was on the streets. I was cold and it kept me warm, food in my belly," said Jones.

After loosing his job and home, Brian Kincaid, said the shelter helped him find insurance and a voucher for an apartment. Now working and living on his own, Kincaid spends his free time volunteering at the shelter.

"Cause they helped me so much, I feel like I need to pay them back as far as doing what they need me to do," said Kincaid.

Elks Lodge raised over $600 for Beacon of Hope.
Last month the service organization hosted another breakfast fundraiser for veterans and first responders.

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