2nd pediatric flu death reported in Texas

This is the second confirmed pediatric influenza death in Texas this flu season. (Source: CDC)

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ/Gray News) - The Wichita County Public Health District has seen a reported case of an influenza-associated pediatric death in Wichita County.

This is the second confirmed pediatric influenza death in Texas this flu season.

Adult flu deaths are not required to be reported to the local health department, influenza-associated deaths of children under 18 are of serious concern and are a mandatory reportable condition.

With the holiday season getting underway and people gathering with family and friends, the Health District is urging everyone to get vaccinated against the flu this year.

The flu vaccine is the first line of defense to protect not only yourself but the people around you who are vulnerable to the flu.

Those who are very susceptible include children under five years old, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions like diabetes or asthma.

The best way to protect an infant is to make sure anyone who will have contact with the infant received a flu vaccine and to also limit an infant’s exposure to large groups.

Along with vaccination, other safety measures that can be taken include:

-- Washing your hands often with soap and water, or using a hand sanitizer if water is not available
-- Covering your sneezes and coughs
-- Keeping hands away from your face
-- Avoiding people who are ill with the flu
-- Preventing the spread of the flu to others by staying home if sick

If you or a family member needs a flu vaccination, please schedule a time to see your regular healthcare provider.

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