3 arrested in 4 days as Anderson County Schools sees surge in school threats

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The topic of school safety continues to dominate discussion across the nation and in the Commonwealth.

"There's nothing any more precious to a family than their children," Anderson County Sheriff Joe Milam said. He's had to have some tough talks with fellow parents recently.

"Just to see the anxiety and the emotion that the parents when they get informed their child has done this," Milam said. "It's tough. It's tough."

The sheriff's office has posted to social media more than a handful of times these last couple of weeks about investigations at Anderson County schools.

"It started at Western Hills one day in Frankfort and spread through social media and the next thing we had one here, then another one."

There have been seven threats, most written on bathroom stalls. It's not just one school or one age group, for that matter. It's happened at the high school, middle school and Emma B. Ward Elementary.

"The school system has identified the source of the threats and each and every time we've been able to make a charge and arrest on each threat," Milam said.

Three kids - the youngest being 10 years old - have been charged with terroristic threatening.

Superintendent Sheila Mitchell released this statement: "Recent events in our nation and state have caused fear for many students and families. I have been reassured by the swift and effective responses we have received from our staff and local and state law enforcement as we have dealt with recent threats and situations. Safety is our number one priority and we continue to work with local law enforcement and emergency management to audit and improve our current district and school safety plans. We are blessed to serve in a caring and supportive community and we continue to bring all parent and community concerns and suggestions to the table as our staff and I continue our ongoing efforts to keep Anderson County schools safe."

Although all threats were unsubstantiated, Sheriff Milam reiterated pranks and dares of this nature won't be tolerated.

Milam said, "If I could ask anything, I'd ask the parents to talk to their kids and explain to them that's just not something they do."

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