Creation Museum leaders seek approval to expand its size

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PETERSBURG, Ky. (AP) - A Kentucky museum dedicated to a literal interpretation of the Bible is planning to nearly triple its size.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports that Creation Museum leaders say a proposed three-story, 210,000-square-foot building would be a large hall for traveling exhibits. It's part of the museum's three-year plan.

Mike Zovath, co-founder of Creation Museum parent company Answers in Genesis, says it'll be built where the current guest parking lot sits.

The museum needs approval for a zoning change to build a new parking lot. The Boone County Planning & Zoning Commission will decide Wednesday whether to recommend the change.

The expansion will help prepare for an increase in visitors the museum anticipates after Ark Encounter, a 510-foot long wooden ship modeled on the biblical story of Noah, opens in July.

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