Dive team resumes search for missing man on Laurel Lake

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Underwater teams have looked for Clarence Holmes multiple times over the last couple of years. He disappeared four years ago, but a crew from Louisiana believes they have pinpointed a specific area where he is. They are very optimistic they may finally find something and bring a family some closure.

"We are looking for a specific tree in a group of trees down there, that we obtained some video images in July of last year," said Mark Michaud with the Southeast Louisiana Underwater Search and Recovery Team.

Michaud believes that tree may be large enough to hold human remains. Divers were planning to visually inspect the tree in pitch black, cold water late Tuesday afternoon and night.

"It has the resemblance that it could possibly be human remains. It's coming on four years and a lot has happened since Clarence went overboard," said Michaud.

The tree is 60 feet tall, possibly an oak, that is 120 feet down from the water's surface.

"Depending on what is there, if there are bones, a skull or a watch or anything, we have already been given the okay. If there is something there, we will bring it up," Michaud said.

The crew says they are returning because they feel very good about the most recent sonar images and what it is showing them. If they don't find him this time, they say they will return.

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