Pulaski 911 called to same street twice over two different animal death complaints

TATEVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Both calls came from homes on Cox Lane in Tateville. The first was about 10 Thursday morning...the caller said four dogs were running loose killing her turkeys. Police responded, and then five hours later they got. another call...from another resident, with a different kind of animal complaint.

"We've just come back and they have killed our dogs!" The caller is heard telling a dispatcher in the 911 call.

Jacqueline Yancey says the two 6-month-old pit bulls were shot dead in their kennel, inside a shed behind her home.

"Oh my heart was broken. Them kids. They were crying. To see the hurt in their eyes. That's what bothered me," she said.

Yancey says she had no trespassing signs up that she says the shooter ignored.

"I don't know what kind of cold hearted person could just walk up on someone else's property where them dogs felt safe. They were not bothering nobody," she said.

The first caller to 911 specifically said pit bulls were killing her turkeys but Yancey says that could not have been her dogs.

"We keep our dogs put up. It's a Kentucky law that you're supposed to keep them put up," Yancey said.

The turkey owner did not want to go on camera but says they did not shoot their neighbor's dogs.