4 common misconceptions about the flu

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With the flu season nearing its peak in Kentucky, an emergency medicine physician is discussing common misconceptions about the flu.

Dr. Ryan Stanton says there are many common sayings related to the flu that are false, and he wants more people to be aware of the facts.

1. Temperature swings do not make us sick.

"Our internal temperatures, our core temperatures are going to be very well regulated between that 95º - 100º on any given basis. So our body maintains itself very well. The thing with the winter is that we're all so close together. And in shared spaces, [we] just trade things back and forth."

2. The flu shot will not give you the flu.

"The flu shot giving you the flu is impossible. It is absolutely impossible because it's a dead virus. All it's doing is tricking your body into thinking it had the flu, so thus producing the immunity response. Now what you feel, if you get some symptoms, is the immune response preparing to fight it off in the future."

3. Just because you are healthy doesn't mean you are less susceptible to getting the flu.

"I see those folks in the emergency room every day when they get the flu. And I've admitted many to the ICU, and I've seen many that have died from it. True. The highest risk is going to be the young children and the elderly, especially the elderly."

4. High fevers are a normal response when fighting the flu.

"A fever is part of the normal immune system. It's part of the normal immune response. And so when we say "treat a fever," really what we want you to do is to treat your child or yourself for comfort, not the number."

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