41 arrested in Richmond undercover shoplifting sting

Published: Aug. 14, 2018 at 5:23 PM EDT
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Richmond police say 41 people are facing charges following a collaborative operation with local retailers.

In an initiative called "Operation Broken Cart," police and loss prevention specialists spent three days targeting individuals stealing from seven stores in the Richmond area. Suspects were seen taking a variety of items, including electronics and cosmetics.

One of the participating retailers was Kroger, which has staff dedicated to preventing losses.

“It affects everybody. It affects the store’s bottom number with the shrink and loss of products," Kroger retail crime manager Terry Young said, "It affects the consumers who buy the products because they have to pay more to cover the issues that we’ve lost.”

At the end of the operation, 41 people were arrested for stealing and charged with shoplifting, drug offenses and other charges. Police and loss prevention specialists recovered nearly $2,500 worth of stolen property and seized $30,000 in narcotics.

The Richmond Police Department says it will continue to crack down on shoplifting and plans to work with the Kentucky Organized Retail Crime Association for future operations.