Transy president recounts taking down machete attacker

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Transylvania University President Seamus Carey says he had just pulled up to the school when he saw students running out of Jazzman's Coffee Shop, Friday morning.

"When I heard that our students were in danger I ran to see if I could help," he told WKYT.

Carey says when he was getting out of his car, students told him there was an attacker, who police later identified as 19-year-old Mitchell Adkins, a former student, inside the coffee shop with a hatchet. He says he was shocked, but his initial reaction was to protect his students.

"I knew he had some hatchet or a knife and so I felt... I mean if it was a gun obviously I probably would have been a little more careful, but I just ran in to see if I could help," Carey said.

When he got inside he says he helped their public safety team take down the attacker. Carey says it was a traumatic scene.

"The victim was out on the ground literally holding her wound together until the ambulance got here so everybody was incredible."

Carey says at a time like this it's important for the community to stick together. He says he is glad he went to help his students.

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