More than 100-year-old church window discovered during renovation

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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) -- A humbling discovery was recently found in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

When Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation renovated their new administrative office building, they found a church window from the original First Baptist Church of Whitesburg. The window was still intact, more than 100 years after being installed.

"Imagine the stories that this window could tell, what has it seen within the church walls that used to occupy this space," said Lee Caudill, Director of IT, Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation. "Most people will see this just as a window, we see it essentially as a window into the past."

The window was covered by paneling for decades when the building was used as a furniture store, but now that the window is exposed again, it can bring back the inspiration once shared within the walls of the church.

"We in eastern Kentucky have something special and it's called family and it's called our roots, that's not the same in any other place in the world. That's what makes us special and this is one of those connections with our roots," said Mike Caudill, CEO of Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation.

The window, a reminder of the past, is now a piece of the future.

"How can you not immediately smile when you walk past? How can this not be a bright point of the day and make you stop and reflect on the little things in life that really matter?" Lee asked.

Lee said the other windows from the church's chapel were either torn down or taken away.

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