Eight Kentucky counties to receive new benefits to fund Head Start programs

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a kickoff fit for a $40 million program. Madison County is one of eight Kentucky counties that will be receiving substantial help from a federal grant to fund Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

Sharon Price is the Director of South Central Head Star, which will be implementing the grant funding to impact more than 850 children and families.

“That $40 million is dedicated to the classroom operations. What we have also is family staff who will be working to make sure that we're putting strategies in place to move children and families out of poverty,” Price said.

Price says she knows firsthand the benefit Head Start programs can bestow on families.

"I had two children enrolled in Head Start probably nearly 15 years ago. Currently those two children are at the University of Kentucky both seeking bachelor degrees,” Price said.

Kentucky River Foothills used to oversee the Head Start Program in the Madison County area. South Central Head Start has made a point of trying to employ a majority of the over-100 individuals who were laid off as a result of the change.

South Central Head Start employs more than 120 people. South Central Head Start will also begin operations in Clark, Estill, Powell, Rockcastle, Jackson, Garrard, and Laurel counties.