Fayette school board member requesting new firm to conduct audit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The question of who should be responsible for the external audit of the Fayette County School System has one board member wondering if things need to change.

"Is it appropriate to use the same auditor for 13 years?" board member Tyler Murphy asked Monday.

Murphy questioned the committee in charge of the school's audit about making changes.

The group voted unanimously to recommend Strothman and Company out of Louisville to carry out the next audit of the school system

"There is value added in having the same firm come back and work with the underlying organization. A nearly 600 million dollar budget and not many firms have the expertise," the school system's chief financial officer, John White, said.

White said it's not that uncommon to keep the same auditor, pointing out that Jefferson County schools have used Strothman since 1996.

He said while the firm stayed the same the personnel doing the audit has changed several times.

But Murphy said he wanted to see an entirely new company.

"The State Committee for School District Audits recommends a five-year rotation," he said.

The talks got serious enough that at one point Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk stepped in.

"You’re going to let my chief financial officer finish his statement. Do not interrupt him," Caulk said.

The meeting included an outline of where they stand with the next audit and showed a timeline was expected from the system's purchasing department by July 1st.