Sen. Rand Paul "disappointed" with federal funding deal and Trump's emergency declaration plans

(Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / MGN)
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WASHINGTON (WKYT) - Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has announced distaste at the recent federal government funding compromise expected to make its way to President Donald Trump’s desk this week.

The compromise ignores most of what Trump has demanded for building a border wall, but the White House has said that Trump would sign the bill and then declare a national emergency in hopes of shifting money from the federal budget to build the wall.

“I’m disappointed with both the massive, bloated, secretive bill that just passed and with the president’s intention to declare an emergency to build a wall,” Paul said.

Paul said he is in favor of increasing border security, but does not agree with the way the President is going about attaining it.

“I, too, want stronger border security, including a wall in some areas. But how we do things matters. Over 1,000 pages dropped in the middle of the night and extraconstitutional executive actions are wrong, no matter which party does them,” said Paul.

The bipartisan funding agreement will provide $1.4 billion for border security, opposed to the $5.7 billion Trump had demanded.

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