4 NJ men trapped in burning vehicles until officers, civilians showed up

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CAMDEN COUNTY, NJ (Gray News) - Bodycam footage captured the moment four Camden County police officers and civilians joined forces to pull men from a burning car.

Along with civilian motorists, the officers worked to free those trapped inside the vehicles. (Source: Camden County Police Department)

It happened around 2:30 on the morning of April 7. Officer Joseph Mair was on patrol when he heard a collision.

He headed to the scene and radioed for backup. When he got there, he saw two badly damaged vehicles burning, each with two people still trapped inside.

Officers Vaughn Edwards, Brian McCline and Vincent Russomanno arrived shortly after, as did Officer Franklin Flash from the Delaware River Port Authority.

Along with civilian motorists, the officers worked to free the trapped men. They forced open a mangled door and used weapons to smash windows and the windshield to provide escape routes.

"The quick actions taken by Officers Edwards, Mair, McCline and Russomanno ensured that all four victims survived this crash," said Lt. John Martinez.

Once the victims got out, they were carried to safety. Still, they suffered extensive burns.

They were all rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Police are searching for the good Samaritans who stopped to help. Meanwhile, they've named the policemen involved the department's officers of the week.

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